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Tim Plaehn created The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar to help everyday investors find stable, consistent, and reliable income. The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar is a simple to use, yet powerful calendar, like the one below, only with more details. Kind of like the one you might have on your desk, only this one tells you when youíll get paid and how much youíll receive each and every month.

No more guesswork, no more confusion, no more worrying if you did the right thingÖ just steady paychecks coming like clockwork.

Dividend paycheck calendar

With the monthly dividend paycheck calendar, youíll stop worrying about the marketís ups and downs because they wonít matter anymore. Your payday is already on the calendar.

The way the calendar is structured you can expect between five and 11 paychecks per month. By starting with the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar today, you will have the opportunity to earn a growing cash income stream in perpetuity.

Thatís the way the calendar is set up: youíll have a base of five paychecks every month and then in some months youíll get a bonus paycheck and in others youíll receive two bonus paychecks all the way up to 11 per month several times a year.

The peace of mind youíll get from knowing that every month youíre going to get at least five paychecks is invaluable. No more worrying about the marketís gyrations. No more keeping tabs on how much youíre spending and how much youíre taking in, pinching every penny along the way. No more worry at the end of the month that you might not be able to pay all of the bills.

The income derived from the monthly dividend paycheck calendar is like getting a bonus every month. Whether you sock it away for the future, re-invest it, or treat yourself to something nice, itís your call. After all, itís your money.

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About Tim Plaehn

Tim Plaehn hero shotTim is the lead investment research analyst and creator of The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar. He is the editor for The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering income investments with double digit growth in share price and dividend payments, and Automatic Income Machine, his service service for income investors looking to double their money over the next 5 years with dividend stocks.

Previously, Tim was a stock broker, a Certified Financial Planner, and F-16 Fighter pilot and instructor with the United States Air Force. During his time in the service he was stationed at various military locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Tim graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in mathematics.

Timís area of specialty is evaluating income generating investments to find the combination of sustainable and growing dividends, special dividend opportunities, and share price appreciation driven by managementís commitment to dividend growth.

He has previously written for USA Today, The Motley Fool, eHow, SFGate,,, Newsmax Media, among others, and has contributed vast firsthand research to a major provider of data on master limited partnerships. Tim is also a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha.

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